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Bog & Brine bath 500ml

Bog & Brine bath 500ml

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Bog & Brine high-class conditioner bath


Deep relaxation through warmth and minerals

The Bog & Brine conditioner bath was developed to provide the body with a ,
unique deep relaxation. Here the bog is responsible for the thermal-physical
process and the highly-active deep brine for the recovery of the skin (e.g. from skin irritations).




 Refreshes, purifies and supports the natural supplenes.
 Anti-inflammatory, stimulates the circulation.
 Ideal against everyday life stress and exhaustion.
 Ideal against being cold.
 Ideal against skin irritations.
 Relaxation for muscles and joints.

Recommended application of Bog & Brine conditioner bath:


Is enough for 5 baths.
Per bath 6-7 sealable lids.
It is recommended to take 1-2 baths per week at body temperature.



Bog & Brine bath 500ml Bog & Brine bath 500ml Bog & Brine bath 500ml