Bog & Brine bath 500ml

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Bog & Brine bath 500ml
Bog & Brine bath 500ml
Bog & Brine bath 500ml
Bog & Brine bath 500ml
Bog & Brine bath 500ml
Bog & Brine bath 500ml
Bog & Brine bath 500ml
Bog & Brine bath 500ml
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Products description

Bog & Brine high-class conditioner bath


Deep relaxation through warmth and minerals

The Bog & Brine conditioner bath was developed to provide the body with a ,
unique deep relaxation. Here the bog is responsible for the thermal-physical
process and the highly-active deep brine for the recovery of the skin (e.g. from skin irritations).




Refreshes, purifies and supports the natural supplenes.
Anti-inflammatory, stimulates the circulation.
Ideal against everyday life stress and exhaustion.
Ideal against being cold.
Ideal against skin irritations.
Relaxation for muscles and joints.

Recommended application of Bog & Brine conditioner bath:


Is enough for 5 baths.
Per bath 6-7 sealable lids.
It is recommended to take 1-2 baths per week at body temperature.



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Product Features

Safety data sheet:



In.-01: Aqua
In.-02: Moorextrakt (Clay)
In.-03: Sodium Chloride
In.-04: Polysorbat 20
In.-05: Propylene Glycol
In.-06: Sodium Laureth Sulfate
In.-07: Persea Gratissima Oil
In.-08: Panthenol
In.-09: Xanthan Gum
In.-10: Propylparaben

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Protection - Note - Notification
Keep away from children!
Do not use on for babies or little children!
Bog & Brine bath is only produced
for the application on your skin/bath.
Keep away from mucous membranes and eyes.
Bog & Brine bath is not a remedy for the purposes
of the medicament law but a natural skin care products.
Registration procedure of cosmetic recipes.
In Germany and EU, the producers of cosmetic means have
been ready to publish the ingredients of their products,
in compliance with Online-Portal
CPNP (Cosmetic Product Notification Portal).
In case of emergency the poison information centers are
able to give the requiredinformation immediately.
Here you'll find an auxiliary german-list: Online-Help
Notification CPNP
Company Code : Hago
Referenz: 1838305
Product Name: Moor & Sole Kur-Bad
Product Type : Bade-/Duschprodukte

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